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Past Productions


Sponsored by Project and Connect and presented at Theatrelab 

Directed by Adam Odsess-Rubin

How do we break taboo? Shatter them into a million brilliant pieces. Speechless, a new work by Project and Connect with National Queer Theater (NQT) is created from the stories of people living with HIV and AIDS to fight stigma. NQT brings humor and fury to this new piece which includes puppetry, projection, and soul-shaking music.

Director: Adam Odsess-Rubin

Stage Manager: Jiawen Hu
Music Director & Assistant Director: Abe Johnson
Scenic/Props/Puppetry Designer: Ashley Setzler
Lighting Designer: Maryam Sweirki
Costume Designer: Alida Rose Delaney
Sound/Media Designer: Attilio Rigotti
Dramaturg: Daniel DeLoma
Publicity: Sean Chia
Production Manager: Alyssa Glenn

Cast: AnJu Hyppolite, Jay Romero, Juan Daner, Rob Gaetano, and Rosie Vaughn

Previous presentations:

Theatrelab (full performance)

Carlton Arms Hotel

Arts On Site - June 2018 Performance Party

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