Featured in the Brooklyn Rail

Interviewed for "National Queer Theater: Building Community, Shining a Light, and Raising Hell"

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In an article titled, "Check Out The Lineup for The 2020 Criminal Queerness Festival"

American Theatre

National Queer Theater is named Company-in-Residence at Town Stages in 2020.


Recommended by the New York Times

The New York Times recommended our Criminal Queerness Festival as one of the best ways to experience NYC Pride in 2019.


Mentioned by The Advocate

In an article titled, "For the Activist: 6 Ways to Resist at WorldPride"


Featured by Thrillist

"National Queer Theater is giving a censorship-free voice to four international playwrights..."

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Featured by Stonewall Community Foundation

"NQT develops and produces socially-conscious plays by queer playwrights that examine and uplift stories in our communities"

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National Queer Theater's partnership with The New Group is recommended by

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Reviewed by Hi! Drama

"Drowning in Cairo is staggeringly beautiful in the levels of suffering to which its protagonists sink, and the audience tumbles down with them."

"Mwaluko has given us a beautiful and compelling exploration of the intractable conflict of contemporary life."

"Charming, funny and sentimental, the play lacks the omnipresent wall of oppression overshadowing the action. "

"Mr. Liu’s play offers us a nuanced approach that acknowledges queer difficulties, while suggesting that the current gay rights response may be inadequate."

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