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National Queer Theater is an innovative theater collective dedicated to celebrating the brilliance of generations of LGBTQ artists and providing a home for unheard storytellers and activists. By serving our elders, youth, and working professionals, NQT creates a more just future through radical and evocative theater experiences and free community classes.


Believing in the power of theater to effect sweeping social change, National Queer Theater cultivates a more just, joyous, and empowered intersectional queer community that is celebrated in all corners of society. Through our art and free community programs we create and organize together, working towards a more equitable vision of a world bursting with pride.

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  • Belonging: We believe that everyone deserves to create and enjoy theater, to see their stories on stage and to be seen in their full complexity. 

  • Fearlessness: We believe that theater, like social change, must be made courageously without reservation. 

  • Pride: We believe that everyone in the LGBTQ community deserves to feel proud of their identity and that an abundance of queer stories instills a sense of pride in audience and creators alike. 


By building coalitions between artists and activists, National Queer Theater develops its artistic and education programs through collective decision making and service-driven partnerships in the pursuit of collective liberation. 


Support our artistic, educational, and advocacy work for the LGBTQ+ community by making a tax-deductible donation.


National Queer Theater is a proud founding member of the Queer Theatre Alliance, a coalition of queer theatres across the country with the shared goal of promoting equity and empowerment through the performing arts.

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What is the Queer Theatre Alliance?

Queer Theatre Alliance is an international coalition of theaters that present theatrical programming by, for, and about LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) communities as their primary mission. Through monthly meetings,the alliance uplifts and amplifies Queer Theatre by sharing creative and operational resources that support queer theatre and queer theatre artists.


Queer Theatre Alliance (QTA) seeks to advance the field of Queer Theatre through an international network of performing arts organizations that share resources and work to promote justice, equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ artists and audiences that promote positive change in their local communities.


QTA envisions a thriving international ecosystem of Queer Theatre Companies that act as an integral part of the international culture, nurturing and promoting the plurality of stories of the LGBTQ+ community in a safe and celebratory environment.


  • Inclusion
    We commit to creating a welcoming and inclusive space within the Queer Theatre Alliance, where every individual, regardless of identity, feels valued and represented in our vibrant community.

  • Advocacy
    We dedicate ourselves to tirelessly champion the rights and visibility of the LGBTQ+ community within the realm of theatre and the broader cultural landscape.

  • Liberation
    At the heart of our mission is the pursuit of liberation, empowering queer voices to break free from societal constraints, fostering a creative environment where authenticity and self-expression can flourish without inhibition.

  • Artistry
    We celebrate and nurture the diverse artistry within our community, fostering an environment where queer and marginalized voices can boldly express themselves, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and performance in the realm of theatre.


Queer Theatre is a genre of theatre created by, for, and about LGBTQ+ people, presenting transgressive work on queer history and culture, using elements of drag, camp, and political activism to challenge the status quo. Queer Theatre works to employ LGBTQ+ artists in all facets of production and administration to maintain a thriving and sustainable ecosystem for our community. 



By producing Queer Theatre, we make stories about LGBTQ+ identities and experiences more widely visible and normalized. By amplifying a multitude of LGBTQ+ stories, we build community within our field amongst artists, producers and administrators as well with our outer networks; advocacy groups, service organizations, intergenerational LGBTQ+ communities, government officals, etc. 

Queer Theatre shows us that we don’t have one story. By sharing a multitude of queer narratives, Queer Theatre brings our diverse community together in celebration, allowing for self-determination and exploration of our complex identity. Queer Theatre erases stereotypes and stigma by representing radically different experiences within queer community.

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