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As we announced last month, we’re producing the 4th annual Criminal Queerness Festival this June. The Criminal Queerness Festival provides censorship-free platform for queer artists, shining a light on critical stories from across the globe. With over 70 countries across the globe continuing to criminalize same-sex relations, the mission of the Criminal Queerness Festival is more crucial now than ever.

This year, we’re increasing artist pay over 2021 as well as increasing the number of artists hired to double our total artist pay. As National Queer Theater continues to grow, we aim to increase our support for queer and international artists each year. In order to continue in our mission to uplift and provide artistic space free of censorship, we need your help.

Contribute today to the Fund for Criminal Queerness. Our goal is to reach $25,000 by the end of June and if each subscriber donates just $25, we could exceed our goal and increase our service further to even more artists. Give today and spread the word!


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