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Join National Queer Theater December 10 at the Carlton Arms Hotel for a special night of drink, food, and entertainment from the Trans Voice Cabaret.

Founded in May by Adam Odsess-Rubin, National Queer Theater is a nonprofit theater company, based in New York City, promoting bold new queer voices in support of LGBTQ rights. In our short existence, we have produced plays about HIV, immigration, international criminalization, transgender history, and asexuality across New York City. We have raised thousands of dollars working with dozens of artists and volunteers, all in pursuit of a greater voice for our community.
We believe we need to tell our stories, ourselves. Please join us at our first big fundraiser to start National Queer Theater off on solid footing as we prepare for a thrilling 2019 season of new queer plays and the launching of our educational programs.
About Carlton Arms Hotel: Described as a ‘live-in museum’ by People Magazine, the Carlton Arms Hotel ( Artbreak Hotel ) through its Carlton Arms Art Project, has become a vibrant permanent exhibition of art, with every room and every inch of space covered with the incredible colorful work of artists from all over the world.
About Trans Voice Cabaret: Trans Voices Cabaret is a show that highlights the talent of transgender, non-binary, and genderqueer singers and musical theater performers in New York City.
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