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Standing in Solidarity: Response to the Atlanta Shooting

The act of violence that targeted Asian women and took the lives of 8 people in Atlanta on Tuesday was a hate crime fueled by racism, classism, and misogyny. Hate crimes committed against Asian-Americans have risen nationwide during the pandemic nationwide due to harmful scapegoating rhetoric utilized by right-wing media and politicians. This hate is not new. as it is rooted in a long history of systemic anti-Asian policies and practices in America that have harmed Asian people and Pacific Islanders domestically and abroad.

We at National Queer Theater stand in solidarity with our Asian American neighbors now and always. We understand that when hate crimes such as this occur, it reverberates throughout the entire community, to our Queer Asian American siblings: we hold you in our hearts during this incredibly painful time.

As an organization, we are committed to the ever-present work of dismantling white supremacy in all of its forms. We encourage you to support the organizations below and continue to educate yourself about Asian-American history and ways in which you can unlearn white supremacy and uplift AAPI communities.

  • Red Canary Song


  • Advancing Justice Atlanta

  • Stop AAPI Hate

  • Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence

  • GAPIMNY- Empowering Queer and Trans Asian Pacific Islanders

  • Racism is a Virus

  • API Equality

  • Dear Asian Youth

  • Asian Mental Health Collective.

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