The mission of National Queer Theater is to foster and support LGBTQ+ communities through social justice in the performing arts.

"The National Queer Theater is a gift to the those who believe the arts are the most valuable vehicle to change.  They are opening up the world to Americans about the struggle of LGBTQ people around this planet.  The stories they share through art are powerful, mesmerizing and urgently needed to be told. This is an amazing group and deserves all of our support." 


David Mixner, Human Rights Activist, Author, and Performer


The Change

Join this amazing group of  volunteers and passionate team members in our mission for inclusion and diversity . 

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To A Community

Where you can thrive! Our heartfelt community supports, honors and celebrates each others uniqueness.


The Solution

Full of creatives that want to partner together to stand united in a common goal to evolve humanity. Are you ready to join us?