Our mission is to foster and support LGBTQ+ communities

through social justice in the performing arts.

"National Queer Theater is a gift to the those who believe the arts are the most valuable vehicle to change.  They are opening up the world to Americans about the struggle of LGBTQ people around this planet.  The stories they share through art are powerful, mesmerizing and urgently needed to be told. This is an amazing group and deserves all of our support." 

David Mixner, Human Rights Activist, Author, and Performer

The Criminal Queerness Festival

National Queer Theater amplifies the voices of international queer playwrights telling stories of criminalization and censorship in their countries to address global homophobia



Through partnership-based education programs, National Queer Theater teaches acting and storytelling skills to underserved groups in the LGBTQ+ community to instill pride and promote creative leadership.


Our Mission

National Queer Theater works tirelessly to support queer communities through social justice-based performing arts programming, but we cannot operate without the kindness of people like you. Make a donation to NQT today!

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